Friday, August 12, 2011

Modified Cables & Garter Cardigan

A couple of weeks ago I started a KAL in the Canberra Crew on Ravelry for the Cables and Garter Cardi - the only problem is that this pattern is only offered in one size 29" bust!  So, we got brainstorming, and decided that we would modify this pattern by starting it off with the February Lady Sweater (FLS) yoke.  I hadn't done much work on it, but I have been off work sick most of this week and spent all day yesterday working on this :)  I have finished the yoke and started on the pattern.  The modifications I have made are:

  • Followed FLS yoke pattern in the 44" bust
  • When I got to the eyelet increases I only increased on the fronts and backs (not the sleeves) and I did M1's not YOs.  I increased 34sts
  • When knitting back across the increase row, i cast off for the sleeves (the sts between the stitch markers - keep the K1 sts live)
  • I cast on 7 sts for the underarms on the first row back across, using this row and the next as set up rows for cable pattern
  • I currently have 218sts on my needles - 12 x 17st repeat plus 7st for each side of the garter st border
I haven't taken a photo yet, but might try to take one tonight. I love knitting top down - I love being able to try on as I go!!  Anyway, until I post a photo, this is the pattern picture, to give you an idea.  I am making mine in 12ply BWM Rustic in Graphite.  The only thing I dont like about this wool is that it isn't machine washable... which reminds me, I really need to have a chat with the boyfriend about what can go into the wash and what cant...