Monday, February 16, 2009

Helping out the Bushfire Victims

Now that I have finished my Vest, I have started making sqaures for the Friendship Blankets. I am knitting these on a diagonal, in the hopes that I wont get too bored with the straight knitting. At this stage my goal is to do 5 squares, as I am hoping that I won't get too bored with them.

I have started one square this morning, and have already done 10cm on it. It didn't take long at all, but as I will be continually increasing stitches, there is going to be more and more that I will need to knit. I am doing the first square in multi-coloured wool (blues, purples, pinks) and so far it's looking pretty funky!

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  1. Thanks for helping out! and the good thing about knitting on the diagonal (for me anyway!) is that when I'm starting to get bored is normally at the point when I can start decreasing and there is nothing better than seeing less and less stitches with each row!!