Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sexy Vesty - Almost Finished

Well, as I don't have Ravelry available to me at work anymore, looks like I will be updating my blog a bit more! lol

Last night I finished off the armhole shaping, cast off the 10sts for the actual armhole and began working on the left front piece. As of this morning I have no finished the left front piece and have made a start on the right front piece. I have to say that I am pretty happy with the mods in this one. I even tried the vest on this morning (praying that the sts wouldnt come off the needles) and it fit really well! The ribbing stretches right across my belly, but I'm hoping that once I get a chance to look in the mirror that it wont look too bad.

It currently has car hair in it, and I can't wait til I finish it so that I can get all of that pesky cat heair out of it!

This wook is really nice to work with. It's not itchy, its nice and thick and warm too! I'm so happy that Bendigo Woollen Mills bought out a 10ply in such lovely colours, because I have so many projects queued that call for 10ply!

Next on my project list however is a Skull and Cossbone beanie for my 5 year old nephew (that is when i do my next wool order!!) otherwise there is a cute sheep dog cushion I'm going to make to add to my 'hope chest' for future babies - mine or otherwise! lol!

*** btw - do you all like my cool progress bar on the side?! Special thanks to Bells for helping me with it! ***


  1. Looking forward to seeing final pics! Or the vest in person (at Tuggers SnB tomorrow?).

    Bummer about no Ravelry at work, how inconsiderate!

  2. Yeah I'll be at the SnB tomorrow :) It's not finished, but I'm very very close to the end!