Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ok, So it's been a while since I have updated, and I would love to add some piccies, but will have to add them in later as my work sucks and i can't acess my flicker account (or even ravelry anymore!!)

So, I have made:

Bunny Ears
These were made for a work Easter competition - which we didnt win lol

Like the ones Dorothy used to make for us as kids, but I used 3 strands of 8 play wool and bigger needles so that I didnt have to knit so much.

Argyle Vest
I have started this, and it takes a while to get throug, but I am about halfway to the V Neck shaping of the front and really like the way its turning out - just wish it wouldnt take so long!

Cotton Spiral Baby Blanket
I have made this for Fi & Craig's Baby. I have almost finished, just need to do the crocheted edging, although that's gonna take forever. But it looks quite cute and its really soft! Then it just needs to be blocked.

Blueberry Shetland Shorty
I have made another one! This one has more mods to my original mods and i love this one so much! If I make another one, these are the mods that I would use!

Sexy Vesty
I am working on this one now! Its so fast to knit!! I have made a few mods as its a larger size - but I will post these in a separate post.

*phew* That's a lot of projects!!

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  1. that IS a lot of projects! Great output. Argyle scares me. I don't know if I could try it!

    Good to see you got the OTN widget worked out.