Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Travelling Woman

Last night I finished my Travelling Woman shawl!  I was able to block it out last night and it was nice and dry this morning!

This particular shawl was a little painful in that I thought I would be able to add in an extra repeat of Chart A, but turns out I didn't have enough yarn.  When I ripped it back, I didn't 'read' the knitting properly, and ripped back to the wrong point, so I basically knit everything I had just ripped back.

I had started this just after the Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show last year, and finished it after the same show this year!  The pattern isn't that hard - I just don't like ripping back! haha!!  However, I managed to get most of Chart B done while travelling back home from the show and last night finished off the last 3 rows before casting off.

I am actually thinking about making another one of these.  The pattern is fantastic! It's easy to follow, simple lace design and quick to knit up (as long as you don't throw a hissy fit and refuse to rip it back! haha).  However, at this stage I think that I should try a new pattern... maybe keeping with tradition and using some wool I bought at the show this year!

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