Monday, July 18, 2011

Whoops! Discovered Etsy!

Whoops!  Just made my first purchase (or 3) on Etsy!

At the show on Saturday the only thing I couldn't find there that I really wanted was stitch markers.  Today, I thought I would see what some of the Etsy stores had on offer...  Well, PrettyPurly has some gorgeous stitch markers on offer!!  There were a few others up that I liked, but considering i wanted more than one thing, and I prefer a loop to the wire, i bought myself 3 sets (pics taken from the store)

Now I can't wait for them to get here... I think it will have to be probably  at least a week and a half to 2 weeks seeing as they are coming from the US.

The other issue is making sure I dont lose them lol I really need to be more organised when it comes to my knitting accessories lol.

Or maybe I just need to learn to put things away lol!!

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