Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bendigo Wool and Sheep Show

Only 17 days left until I head down to Bendigo for the Wool and Sheep Show - and I can't wait!!  There are so many wonderful reasons why I love going down there:
  • I get to see my best friends again (whom I stay with while down there)
  • I get to touch and play with all of the lucious yarns that will be on offer
  • I get to meet new (and old) Ravelry friends
  • I get to build up my stash a little more
  • I get to buy more accessories that i need
  • And this year it will also be my first weekend away with my boyfriend, so it just makes it extra fun!
I have been thinking about what I want to buy while I am down there, and I thought it might be worthwhile putting a bit of a wishlist together, so that if I come across any yarns, I will know how much I need for a specific project.  This list (below) will see quite long (and expensive) but this is more of a just-in-case I find some yarn that will suit the project.

Project/Wish List
Ok here we go!!

Cables and Garter Cardigan

Yggdrasil Afghan
3x Luxury 4ply in Bracken


Honeybee Cardigan
approx 1400m


New York Cardigan
approx 1500-1600m

This is all I have for now aside from getting sock blockers.

Looks like a lot of wool, but the truth is, its more of a reminder so that when I get there I can buy the right amounts should I find yarn that I like

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