Friday, September 23, 2011

Knitworthy People

I am quite a selfish knitter.  I love knitting and making things, however, I have learned over the years that I really dislike making something that someone has asked for, I much rather make it on my own steam.

While surfing Ravelry (in the Selfish Knitters forum no less lol), I came across this post which has made me think about all of this again.  The reaction that pinkundine got from her boyfriend is, in all respects, probably one of the best possible reactions that you can hope for.  If I am to make something for someone, I want the "oohhhhh" and "aaaaahhhh" factor, whereby the person in question makes it known that they understand how much work goes into anything hand made.

Maybe I sound a little precious, but recent experience has left me a little wounded.  I made a pair of socks for a close family member and basically got a "that's not a good enough present" back. While I was quite devastated at the time, and contemplated writing this post back then, I have moved on somewhat and am just very much more selective in who I make for. 

Sometimes it's not just about the gimmepigs out there, sometimes it's about the response that you get can get back.  Knitting something for someone brings me happiness, and seeing their excitement just brings so much more additional happiness.

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