Friday, October 7, 2011

Another project down, another one begun!

I finished off my Maluka last night.  It was fairly quick to get through the stocking stitch, although by the end I was so glad to be casting off as there were a lot of stitches.

The only modification I made was to take out the second knit row (on the WS), but instead cast off purl wise. that way I had a similar edge to the stocking stitch join to the edging.

I will be blocking it out tonight, so pics soon!

At about 11pm last night, I simply had to cast on another project, and after wearing my knitted socks from last year, I decided I had to make another pair.  I really wanted to make a pair of Nine to Five's as Nettie is doing, however I couldnt find the yarn I wanted to use.  However, I came across the very bright orange and pink yarn (right) which Carrie had dyed previously, so I have now cast on another pair of Jaywalkers.  I have only done about 5 rows of ribbing, but I am loving them!  Especially on this overcast day, they are definitely a bright spark!!

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