Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Clouds On My Feet

Last night while knitting my Candy Jaywalkers, I decided to pop it on my foot and make sure it fit...

Well... that was a bit of an issue because after that, I didn't want to take it off!!  So, I sat there for a couple of minutes, admiring my work and enjoying the feeling of having those glorious socks on my leg/heel (that's as far as I have gotten! haha! the pic to the right was taken last week)

If I get stuck with the second sock, I will just have to simply put the sock on my foot, and feel how nice and warm and soft it feels!

As much as I find knitting socks tiresome, I do love the finished product... and I need more!!  I am already dreaming of the next socks I want to knit!

I need more clouds on my feet!

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