Monday, October 3, 2011

Alluring Soceress

A few years ago I taught my friend to cross stitch.  She has recently been updating her blog with her progress, and watching her work progress, I have found a renewed interest in my Alluring Sorceress which I started a few years ago.  In fact, I actually started it in high school after buying it as a kit from a craft show.  The only problem was that after I was two thirds through, I realised that they hadn't given me enough cotton of a certain colour - the problem with this was that they also didn't give me DMC or Anchor threads - so I couldn't match the colours!  Fellow stitchers will understand my pain when I tell them that I threw that one out (admittedly I did keep it for a couple of years, almost finished) and restarted the entire project.  (However, I did make the Midnight Enchanter).

Then, at my knitting stitch and bitch we were talking about cross stitch, embroidery and general sewing, and have decided in a few weeks to actually have a stitch and bitch, where we bring along our sewing instead.  This, then prompted me even further to bring out my previous works.

So, this is mostly a progress report,  The first pic is of what my cross stitch was sitting at when I pulled it out of strage on Saturday afternoon.  The second pic is how much I have done since Saturday afternoon.  I have gotten a decent chunk done!!

You can see all of the new sections (green edging, planet, etc) but you can't really see the dark coloured filling in of sections I did (chocolate brown and navy blue).  While it seems to take awhile, I love that I have managed to get so much done with no problems along the way.

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